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Site Report by SiteFinder
"Can I
this property?"
Easy to understand property information... instantly
Watch our 52 second video to see a Site Report in action.

Don't waste your time navigating through complex legislation, engaging expensive consultants, or waiting for answers from Council. SiteFinder tells you the complete development potential of a property and more... instantly.

Property information at your fingertips.

Everything you need to know in a real-time property report. Including property information you won’t find anywhere else online.

A Site Report includes:
  • Lot & Plan details
  • Zoning
  • Land Area and Frontage
  • Development constraints affecting the site
  • Heritage restrictions and guidelines
  • And much more...
We also give you easy access to:
  • Council flood reports
  • Existing development applications
  • State Government mapping
  • And much more...
Instant answers to your development questions.

We give you an easy to understand summary of what you can or can’t do with a property, and why.

Answering questions like:
  • Can I subdivide?
  • Can I build units or townhouses?
  • How high can I build?
  • Do I need a development application?
  • What can I build on this property?
  • And many more...
Optimized for all devices:
  • Desktop / Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Phone

Save it or share it.

You can share the report, or download it as a customisable PDF.

An individual Site Report costs $29, or for the same price a subscription gives you access to unlimited Site Reports (cancel anytime).

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