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Reverse Search by SiteFinder
"Show me all the properties
I can subdivide in Annerley.
Search entire suburbs for the property you need... in real-time.
Watch our 60 second video to see how powerful a Reverse Search can be.

Trial unlimited Reverse Searches for $69 for the first month, access all search filters from $99 for the first month (cancel anytime).

SiteFinder's Reverse Search algorithm can save you hours searching for a property with the right development potential and takes the guess work out of searching for a development site.

Find your next development site in seconds, not hours.

Choose your suburbs and development types and let us show you which sites match your property development needs. You can search for a range of uses including subdivision, multiple dwelling (units, townhouses etc), or dual occupancy (duplexes etc).

To further refine your search, you can add additional filters such as a property’s area, frontage or zoning.

Powerful search filters.

Our range of professional search filters give you the ability to fully customize your search, such as removing all properties that are mapped as being flood affected, containing protected vegetation, have heritage restrictions and many more.

Is it for sale?

Our database is updated daily with active real estate listings, so you can filter the results to only show properties currently for sale.

Optimized for all devices:

Desktop / Laptop Tablet Phone

Trial unlimited Reverse Searches for $69 for the first month, access all professional search filters from $99 (cancel anytime).

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