5 Different Ways You Can Use SiteFinders Site Reports

Accessing property data used to be a long and costly process, however, now with SiteFinder’s Site Reports you can discover the development potential of a property instantly.

From whether you can subdivide a site through to how high you can build units, SiteFinder’s detailed property reports will change the way you access property development information.

Read on to find out different ways Site Reports can be used to simplify things for those in the property industry.


Real Estate Agent

If you’re a real estate agent or broker, with SiteFinder’s Site Reports you can provide clients with the complete knowledge of a properties development potential to better assist your clients in finding their ideal property and make sure they feel secure in their purchase.

Site Reports let you know everything from whether a neighbour could block their view through to if it’s a heritage property they might have difficulty renovating in the future.

You can even access detailed property reports on the go since the website is mobile compatible, so you’ll always have the information your clients needs when they need it.

Property Developer

Looking to subdivide, build units or take on a larger project? Site Reports instantly deliver you the detailed information you need to find a suitable development site.

Just type in the address and you have a complete site report with all the answers you need.

If you’re still searching for your ideal development site, SiteFinder’s Reverse Search also allows you to search entire suburbs filtered by your development needs, so you can find ideal sites in minutes not hours.

Property Investor

Property investment can be a lucrative business, however, when you don’t know exactly what you’re getting into purchasing a property that isn’t suited to your needs can be a costly mistake.

Purchasing in a flood-affected zone or finding yourself locked into a heritage listed property can in the long-run cost potential profit.

SiteFinder’s site reports allow investors to instantly access detailed property reports with the information you need to ensure your purchase isn’t a lemon.


Whether you’re looking to renovate and resell or just to renovate your own home, Site Reports can give you the information you need to know the constraints of your project.

Can you build an extension?

How high can you build?

Is the property heritage listed?

With Site Reports, the information is easy to access and understand so you don’t have to spend hours attempting to contact the council for the information you need. Information on everything from the land area and frontage to development constraints affecting the site is right at your fingertips.

Property Buyer

Know what you’re getting into before you sign on the dotted line.

Is the home heritage listed? A heritage home, although beautiful can sometimes have significant restrictions on what you can build in the future.

Can your neighbour block your view? When you find the perfect home with the perfect view you don’t want a block of units to pop up and block it.

With SiteFinder you can instantly access property reports to discover the answers to all your questions from how high your neighbours can build through to whether your potential new home will be in a flood affected area.

With all this detailed information packaged in an easy to understand report, you can be sure you’re making the right purchase when property hunting.


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