Going Green: Eco Trends in Housing That Will Save You Thousands

Building a new home or undertaking a substantial home renovation?

Consider including these green elements in your home improvements for long-term savings. Being environmental conscious during your home renovation or new home build is surprisingly simple to do, and offers so many opportunities for reducing your living costs results in the future.

At SiteFinder we love the idea of incorporating green renovation ideas in our residential builds.

1. Natural Light. Installing a new roof and ceiling? Focus on natural light. Choose high ceilings and, along with features such as skylights, you have a simple way to reduce lighting costs.

2. Solar Power. Choosing solar power won’t just be reducing your power bill, it will also reduce your carbon footprint and add value to your property.  Talk to your builder about this source of renewable energy right on your home’s roof!

3. Solar Hot Water. Gas hot water systems consume a significant level of energy. Consider opting for cheaper and renewable solar hot water, or a heat pump hot water system.

4. Stand-by. Install stand-by power eliminators.  These are great for those appliances and plugs that are difficult to turn off, or in hard-to-reach places. Stand-by eliminators come with a remote control and can save you up to 10% of your household power bill!  Simply switch the eliminator on and use the remote control to power up.

5. Bathroom Water Savers. Water efficiency devices can save both money and water wastage. Your plumber or new build home consultant can discuss the most suitable water saving devices. Think about installing not just dual flush toilets and water efficient shower heads, but also fit aerators or flow restrictor on your taps.

6. Eco-Lighting. LED, downlights may look great but are not long-lasting and expensive to change. Energy efficient halogen light bulbs or compact fluorescent light globes (CFLs) are fluorescent lamps are designed to fit into   Halogen lights are quite energy inefficient, however, the best type of light currently on the market is a Compact Fluorescent Bulb or CFL. This light globes will fit in all conventional light fittings, but consume up to 80 percent less power than the traditional incandescent lamps. While they may be a bit more costly to purchase, their longer lifespan and energy saving means you save cash in the long run. Not only will you saving cash on your power bill, CFLs will last up 15 times longer, so will be saving on landfill!

7. Insulation. Help your home stay warm in winter and keep out the heat in summer. Insulation provides a house with protection from the elements and also helps keep any heating or cooling we are using from leaking out. Ensuring roof and ceiling insulation is appropriate is a great start, but also fitting double glazed doors and windows can also assist in retaining your homes comfortable temperature.

8. Efficient Cooling. Installing air-conditioning? Talk to an expert to ensure you purchase the correct size unit to cool and heat your space. It is crucial to position the outdoor section of your air conditioning unit in a shaded area so it won’t have to overwork itself to keep your home cool, adding to running cost.

9. Solar Lighting. Don’t forget your garden. Energy efficient LED lighting or solar lights are easy to install and look great.

10. Greywater. It’s the water from the shower and washing machine and an option for watering gardens. Just remember, Greywater does contain some bacteria, detergents, cleaning agents and waste material, so it is not suitable for use in vegetable gardens. Check with your local Council about your options.

Want more free tips? Check out this sustainable living guide from the Federal Government. With heaps of information about rebates and ways to reduce your energy consumption, it is a great resource for new home builders.

Talk to your builder about small ways you can introduce energy-efficient products into your new home. With some simple adjustments during the building process, you can maximise your green savings during your home build and enjoy a home with reduced water and electricity bills!