Buying Off The Plan? Ten Simple Ways To Ensure Your Apartment Purchase Isn't A Compromise 

They say you can have it all in modern apartment living and that might be true. That is if you know what to look for.

Today, property developers are teaming up with town planners to create innovative living solutions that don’t compromise on privacy or functionality.

But how do you find the apartment lifestyle that is right for you?

When choosing a new apartment, SiteFinder believes in a 4 step process:

  1. First, find the right location.
  2. Next review the apartment floor plan
  3. Consider all the features being offered by the property developer
  4. Finally look any practical issues that will impact not just on your property resale but on your quality of living.

Here are ten features of modern apartments that you might want to review to ensure your off-the-plan apartment purchase suits your lifestyle:

  1. Review the layout and design. Is it to your liking?
  2. If the apartment is open plan design, examine the separation between each bedroom and bathroom (particularly if it is intended to be a shared home).
  3. Look at the room placement and size of the living area, and consider practical issues such as whether the TV will need to be placed on the wall parallel to a bedroom.
  4. Look at the ceiling heights. Are they high to allow airflow?
  5. Is natural light provided by windows and doors?
  6. Does the apartment offer balconies and are these sufficient for entertaining? Are they covered?
  7. Are the appliances quality brands that you will enjoy using? And have they positioned appropriately?
  8. Will the fittings and finishes date? Look for quality neutral fittings to ensure you won’t have to replace expensive items.
  9. What storage options are available? Hidden smart storage solutions work best in smaller spaces.
  10. Is car parking provided? What parking is available for visitors?

The Australian real estate market offers an abundance of choice for new apartment buyers. Residential property developments are creating modern apartments as a more functional choice for buyers.

Apartment living can mean inner city accessibility without a loss of space, giving apartment off-the-plan apartment buyers the best of both worlds – modern, practical living options close to amenities and new homes also tailored to suit a property buyer’s lifestyle.